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Align Networks is a national physical medicine program, focusing on the unique delivery of medically necessary care, while managing clinical oversight, visit scheduling, attendance and reporting. The Align Networks' program offers an effective means of improving clinical outcomes of therapy and chiropractic care in the workers’ compensation industry. Our clinical expertise is coupled with state of the art technology to provide efficiencies in all aspects of the program. Below are features that set Align Networks apart as an industry leader.

Prompt Initial Evaluation Scheduling
Prompt initiation of care is associated with reduced clinical complications and faster return to work. Because Align Networks has very positive working relationships with local providers, we have preferred scheduling in most instances and can usually schedule patients within 24 hours of referral. Referrals may be made by phone, fax, email, web portal. We will obtain physician perscription when needed.

Aggressive Visit Management
Align Networks manages the aspects of therapy visit scheduling that can be time consuming for claims staff, freeing you up to focus your efforts on the global management of the claim. Align Networks does not authorize or deny any treatment – authorization is at the direction of the claims staff.

Timely and Regular Therapy Documentation
Align Networks provides you with useful, objective therapy documentation, on a timely and regular basis, so you can make informed claims management decisions. Customized report notification options include: email, web portal and fax.

Medically Necessary Care
The Align Networks' program focuses on the delivery of clinically appropriate care, based on individual patient needs, to ensure maximum quality and cost efficiencies during the entire therapy process with us.

Best Practice Clinical Guidelines
Treating providers are empowered to optimize the treatment plan, goals and clinical outcomes, while considering and reviewing patient files that may exceed recommended best practice guidelines. Communication with the claims staff is key.

Clinical Oversight with Expert Clinical Advisory Panel
Expert peer clinical reviews have a significant positive impact on clinical outcomes, utilization and care dispute resolution, thereby ensuring appropriate patient care. This is at no cost to you, the customer.

Provider Performance with Provider Scorecard
This effectively identifies “best in class” providers for your patients. Scorecards are based on adherence to treatment guidelines, clinical outcomes, quality & timeliness of reports and billing guidelines.

Customized Billing
Align Networks provides you with accurate, customized bills that are easily processed, with e-billing readily available.

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