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Patients receive the utmost care and service with Align Networks. From initial patient contact to scheduling evaluations and through discharge, Align Networks is your choice for proactive patient care and management.

At Align Networks, we follow our comprehensive and proven methods to obtain the best patient results for your workers compensation claims. Patient care is worry free from choosing the best physical therapy clinic to reauthorizations for additional visits to scheduling transportation for their treatment. Align Networks works with the patient for any physical therapy need from hands and backs to aquatic therapy.

If you are a patient who has a work-related injury and your doctor gives you a prescription for physical or occupational therapy, please call us at Align Networks and we can verify the orders for you. Additionally, we will locate one of our therapy providers in our national network that offers the service you require and is close to your home or work. We always try to find a facility close to you that works around your schedule.

To schedule your appointment today, simply call us at 866-389-0211.

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