USPS Program Differentiators

The relationship between Align Networks and the United States Postal Service differs from our other relationships in the following ways:
  • Align Networks will coordinate the authorization requests to the OWCP by checking authorization electronically. When authorization is not immediate, Align will forward the request to OWCP for review and adjudication.
  • Align Networks will schedule appointments for any injured USPS employee who desires to avail themselves of the service, but this is a voluntary program.
  • All medical reports will be sent to OWCP. The USPS will not be provided with any information regarding the treatment unless it is requested through OWCP.
  • Any utilization issues that arise will be brought to the attention of the OWCP Claims Examiner responsible for the case, who will make final decisions on further medical development as necessary.

Advantages of using Align Networks:

  • Efficient, accurate, and timely processing of physical therapy requests and services.
  • Call center (8 am–9 pm EST) 877-422-5446
  • Continual expansion of provider network.
  • All you have to do is focus on getting better.

Easy Referral Steps:

  1. Give your doctor the authorization form.
    Download Authorization Form HERE
  2. Ask the doctor to complete the form and sign it.
  3. Fax directly to Align Networks: 904-394-8342