The Align Networks Referral Process

Dedicated to the workers’ compensation customer, the Align Networks scheduling and management process is unparalleled in the industry. When you communicate with our friendly and knowledgeable coordinators, you will receive a prompt response and timely updates to all your scheduling needs.

  • Payers

    From the easiest referral process, to the highest quality network to the most knowledgeable staff in the field, Align Networks is your one stop for your physical medicine needs.

  • Providers

    Join our network! The end result will be access to increased referral volume and timely payments directly from Align Networks.

  • Patients

    Patients receive the utmost care and service with Align Networks. We always try to schedule with a facility close to you and that works around your schedule. To schedule your appointment, simply call us at (866) 389-0211.