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Proven performance for increased savings and better patient outcomes.

Welcome to Align Networks!

icon state Align Networks manages a nationwide specialized workers' compensation provider network of outpatient rehabilitation facilities. The combination of Align Networks’ prospective referral management process and its state-of-the-art clinical program, which is based on industry-leading best practices, goes beyond fee schedule discounts. Align Networks drives outcomes by ensuring the highest quality and medically necessary treatment is delivered. Align Networks is a division of One Call Care Management, the nation's leading provider of specialized solutions to the workers' compensation industry.


About One Call Care Management

No one looks forward to managing a Workers' Compensation claim. It can be a complex, time-consuming and costly experience. You need a partner who understands the process and can provide the expertise and services you require every step of the way.

As the nation’s leading provider of specialized cost containment services to the Workers’ Compensation industry, you can count on One Call Care Management to reduce the headaches and hassles and help you achieve faster, more efficient and more cost-effective resolution of claims. From high-end diagnostic procedures, to transportation and language services, to superior dental programs and other medical specialties, One Call Care Management is there for you with reliable, consistent connections to care and improved outcomes.

With One Call Care Management, you’re assured of the highest quality and most cost effective services from impeccably credentialed providers. You can relax knowing that through One Call Care Management you receive the finest care in the nation – as quickly as possible.

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